Saturday, January 31, 2009

nashville eatery: hot diggity dogs

Almost every Saturday, Mr. Matty and I visit our favorite lunch spot Hot Diggity Dogs. From the logo, checkerboard floors, and turqouise and red decor, this tiny eatery is brimming with charm. Gayle greets you with the her signature spunk, draped in the sweetest southern accent. We love when she yells our order to the kitchen staff standing about 5 inches away. My favorite is a veggie dog, on the grill, fixed like a "nashville". Matty likes his dog loaded with a bit of everything which Gayle informs him is a "build your own". We top off the meal with a home-cooked bag of fries and a coke! If you live in Nashville, make your way to Hot Diggity Dogs for the best dog in town!

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