Tuesday, July 14, 2009

it really works!

With so many of the "ID glosses" out there I was curious if they really worked. These are the clear glosses that claim to have magical powers that when put on your lips, turn the shade suited perfectly for your face. Needless to say I have been skeptical, but when I read in this month's Cookie that the Jemma Kidd for Target version was Karen Duffy's favorite lip gloss...I had to try it! Well I am in love with this gloss! It's the perfect weight...and my lips turn the perfect shade of pink! I have to admit $20 is a little steep for a gloss, but I will be wearing this one all day everyday!


Shelley said...

Fun! I may have to try that out!

Jennifer Lynette said...

You're welcome! I broke down and bought some this weekend. I dont know how this works, but it was amazing. I'm a makeup junkie and this is one of my favorites!

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