Monday, November 2, 2009


I embarked on this pumpkin project with a bit of skepticism. I mean how different could MARTHA glitter be? Well I am here to say....very different. I can just imagine some poor factory worker being told "FINER! must be FINER! I will have the finest glitter in all the land!" (I'm sure Martha never yells). But Bravo Mr. Factory worker...this is the best glitter on the planet! It's more like tinker bell's fairy dust and it sparkles like little diamonds! Not to mention it covers so well this project only took 20 minutes. I am already planing Christmas projects!

(side note: get the Martha glittering tray..I know it seems silly and wasteful, but you will be so thankful when the corner funnel let's you pour all that leftover glitter neatly back into the bottle.)


FrivolousFlapper said...

oooh pretty! Great post title, too. V. witty!

Anonymous said...

omg. i am in love.

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