Monday, February 15, 2010

dear melodie

Dear Melodie,
I must have stumbled upon your blog months ago and I was just standing in my kitchen thinking "I need to find the best goodwill and thrift stores to hit but where do I start?" when, Bam! I remembered your wonderful blog and thought I should just go straight to the expert. I actually have two little ones so attempting to sift through the many terrible Goodwills and thrift stores in an effort to find the "promiseland" is not in the cards. But I would love an insider's tip if you feel like you can give up such coveted info.

Dear T.

I often feel this way too, especially when visiting a new city for the weekend and having limited time. Before I visit a new city, I always go to and get an idea if any stores will be in the area where I am staying. Another great source is, however sometimes for smaller cities it turns up the local pizza joints rather than the thrift stores you were hoping for. If you are up for a little online shopping, one of my favorites is Think ebay, but instead, it's like shopping all the Goodwill's at once! Also try where you will find an online directory for the best vintage clothing as well as a directory for the best vintage finds on etsy.

Happy Shopping,


{photo via frecklewonder}

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