Wednesday, September 15, 2010

kinda want a kindle

My mom is reading this right now, wondering why I would need a Kindle, when she knows my idea of a good book usually includes smelly perfume inserts. Well, congratulations Kindle marketing team, your cute commercials have me hooked!  Do any of you have one? Are they worth all the hype? Do you miss creased pages and felt bookmarks?


Anonymous said...

I'm buying my grandson a Kindle for Christmas. He's a freshman in college and can download his books for his classes... then I'm buying one for my hubby who is an avid reader!!

josephinetomato said...

My husband has one and really enjoys it - he reads it on the train during his work commute. The drawback for me is that I really enjoy saving lots of money by using the library and having a Kindle would preclude that. I think if you are buying books anyway that it would be a worthwhile buy. I do plan to load some books of my own on it for vacation as this is when I usually break down and buy books.

Anonymous said...

love love love it! I can read any book any time any where. I have bought a book on the beach and it is the exact same as surfing on for your book selections! Worth every penny!

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