Wednesday, July 22, 2009

nashville: the patterson house

Mr. Matty surprised me last night with an impromptu date night! He couldn't wait to take me to The Patterson House, and swore it would be my new favorite hang out! He couldn't be more right! The Patterson House is a throwback high-end cocktail bar that oozes style of a vintage speak easy! The decor is vintage modern, cocktails take more than 30 seconds to make, and the bartenders wear ties and armbands! Drinks are fixed with essential oils and high end liquor and every pour is a work of art. Just when you thought it was too can order some really fun bar food. We tried the shrimp corn dogs and the tater tots, however the Elvis panini looked dynamite! So is an excuse to pull out that Betsey Johnson dress you never have a chance to wear and hit the town! Bring your Amex though....these cocktails don't come cheap.


My name is Matty. said...

Lil' - I so loved our date to The Patterson House (and desert @ SATCO!)! Love you mucho!

Tara said...

Sounds like a wonderful place~ love the outfits the bartendars are wearing, fit perfectly~!

Laura Thomas Sonn said...

My friend Emmy is DYING to get me there too! Thanks for the heads up!

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