Wednesday, November 4, 2009

life saver

Growing up I'm not sure I appreciated all the benefits of having a mom who is a teacher. She taught at the same school I attended, so it felt as if she knew all my business before me. (Let's be honest...she did.) As I have gotten older I now appreciate all the wisdom, patience, and solutions a teacher mom can bring. This past weekend I was throwing a party, and it was to take place outdoors. On the day of the party the skies turned cloudy and I decided it was best to move the party inside. Not having a big enough kitchen table I had to bring in a "church table" for added seating, but was bummed when I didn't have a round and rectangle tablecloth that matched. I said, "mom all I want is the paper they have at Macaroni Grill". This is when she piped up and said, "why not use bulletin board paper?" I promptly went to my local "teacher store" and found the perfect brown paper. Not only did they have brown, they had 4 different browns and about 20 other colors. This might be my new favorite tablecloth, and you can roll it up and throw it away at the end of the night.


barchbo said...

As a former teacher, I am all about the butcher paper for tablecloth/counter cloth - NO clean up!

pink cupcake vintage said...

I am all about the no clean up!

kayce hughes said...

so fun! It looks great. And I got to peek at your Gen wall.

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