Monday, May 24, 2010

DIY: candle favors

I'm not sure what has inspired all the DIY posts lately? Maybe the thought of summer and the idea of having extra time on my hands? This home-made candle favor by the brilliant Mary Swenson is one I am dying to try! I would love to find this at my place setting, wouldn't you? For full DIY instructions go here.


mary said...

I'm so happy you liked this one! :) They are super easy. And think of all the cool containers you can make into candles?!

pink cupcake vintage said...

I know...I will email you my version after I try it! Can't wait!

Barchbo said...

I love this one, too! So easy and fun for any party - not just weddings.

Melodie, you have to post your version so I can see it, too!

PS: I love the "example" you used! Betsy is such a charming name! :)

pink cupcake vintage said...

Betsy I agree! It is a charming name! :)

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