Thursday, August 12, 2010

dream job

When I was little, and I dreamed of what I wanted to be when I grew up, only a few things came to mind. I wanted to be an Azalea Trail Maid, work at the Clinique counter, and become a synchronized swimmer. I blame the synchronized swimming dream on Miss Piggy making it look so glamorous in the Great Muppet Caper. I would practice for hours and hours and even make up my own routines in hotel pools while on family vacation. My parents have hours and hours of video footage of me demonstrating my self taught skills. I still have fingers crossed that one day I will get to live out that dream and that my swim cap will be extra sparkly!


The Importance of Being Me said...

I know what Azalea Trail Maids are! I lived in the Wiregrass area (Enterprise, Dothan, Ozark - lived on Ft. Rucker) and I always wanted to be an Azalea girl in Dothan! I had completely forgotten that memory. Thank you so much for bringing that up again, it's such a wonderful memory. (I still wouldn't mind having to get a little dolled up...but alas I think I'm too old, and I'm certainly not a maid.)

Valerie said...

Ha! I loved that Miss Piggy scene, too! And Esther Williams -- oh that woman! I ended up ordering two swimsuits from her website two years ago, and I have not been disappointed. I LOVE them both, and I get so many fun compliments on them.

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