Thursday, June 30, 2011

belated anniversary

This past week, Mr. Matty and I celebrated 7 years of marriage. Woah. Time flies right? Matty spoiled me by showering me with some Kate Spade. Isn't it the cutest? He did good.


Barchbo said...

Happy Anniversary! And of course Mr. Matty chose well with the gift - he chose smashingly with the bride! Cheers!

Are you crazy busy during your Austin jaunt? Would love to see you (or at least pass along my fave vintage shopping places!) xo

kayce hughes said...

LOVE IT! How can it be 7 years ago. Well done Mr. Matty (the bag and Miss Melodie)

Love Of The Hunt said...

Happy Anniversary! Super cute bag!

rachel said...

congrats! i love that purse - the clutch is darling as well. your hubby did good! :)

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