Thursday, June 9, 2011

what's that smell?

Well in my house it's my new Thistle Farms products. I will admit...I went crazy yesterday as I scooped up candles, soap and room spray! The lady helping me asked how I heard about them, and I shared that I used their room spray in the bathroom of my fave burger joint and had to have it! She laughed and then high fived me. My kind of gal. Not only do the products smell amazing, but they are providing jobs to the women of Magdalnene. The story of Magdalene and Thistle Farms is an amazing one. Read their story here. Next time you are tempted to buy a candle at a big box retailer, please remember Thistle Farms. They will be blessed because of you.

1 comment:

Rachel B said...

I love Thistle Farms stuff too. St. Bartholomew's gift shop/bookstore sells TF products too.

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