Tuesday, December 13, 2011

what day is it?

I don't know about you, but another month is flying by. For the past few weeks I have been working behind the scenes at the Nashville Ballet Nutcracker! If you haven't seen this Nutcracker, you must! I'm so impressed with everyone involved with this company and working in the costume shop around all the gorgeous tutu's is heavenly! Also, it makes me long to be a ballerina all over again! The Nutcracker runs for their final weekend this weekend. Get your tickets before they are gone!


Joan said...

is it too late? i really want to take my boy, even though he may not be able to sit still for the whole thing. is there such a thing as "cheap" tickets to the nutcracker? :)

pink cupcake vintage said...

Joan i believe they have some $20.00 tickets? This weekend is the last weekend. They have a show tonight and then 2 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. I hope you can go!

Joan said...

thank you!

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