Tuesday, October 7, 2008

flower power

If you received the latest catalog from J.Crew, you like me were probably loving all of the yummy fabric flowers pinned on their garments. When I went to purchase one last night at J.Crew the lovely sales associate informed me that they were no longer available. In fact, they had sold out of them in 2 days! Wow! She leaned closer to me and whispers, "you can find them online at flowersinthecity.com". This is why I LOVE the staff at J.Crew. I feel like they are always going out of their way to help make my life more fashionable! :) As I was browsing the website of flowersinthecity, better known to New Yorkers as Dulken & Derrick, I was delighted to find their flower concoctions in pint-sized versions! I think every girl no matter what age should have a flower like this on her coat this fall!

Above small poppy in kids corner from flowersinthecity

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