Monday, April 6, 2009

found: anthropologie in store shopping tote

Over the weekend Mr. Matty and I were in the need of some retail therapy. We first scooted over to the new Urban Outfitters. (Nashville note: I hate to be a party pooper, but I'm not loving it. I found the store to be in need of some major merchandising, not to mention there were no apartment items. Major boo!)

We then made our way to Anthropologie. While shopping, we ran into a friend who had the most amazing straw tote on her arm. I asked her where she found it, and she said the Anthro staffer gave it to her so she could shop hands free. I proceeded to the nearest girl with a walkie and asked where I could purchase this wonderful tote. She told me they were not allowed to sell them and then spouted off something about corporate policy that I tuned out. Once we got home I decided to scout a similar tote. Much to my delight, my beloved Amazon had the exact tote, and it was under $40.00. I'm in love with it's great construction and yummy leather details. Check out some of the other great totes traders and company has to offer here.


Lauren said...

yea I love basket totes this season, but I unfortunately can't seem to stumble upon one that isn't granny or outdated (in a bad way) looking. Awesome find!

Tara said...

How funny I noticed those totes when I was in there the other day, they are really cute! glad you were able to find one!

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