Monday, August 10, 2009

fair fun and elvis

This weekend Matty and I traveled a little further south to the Williamson County Fair. It's a fair like this that brings out my inner country girl that most of the time I try to hide. There is just something about the smell of cotton candy, manure, and the sound of cloggers that makes me proud to have been raised in the south! We rode the ferris wheel, pirate ship, and the himalaya, but the best part was running into an Elvis impersonator giving a concert next to the pig shed. The even better part was looking him up on the internet to find he just won the title of "world's best elvis". He looked so much like Elvis that Matty caught me blushing. And finally, another first, I had a boy win me something at the fair! Of course this boy was Matty and I learned he can play some mean darts......swoon! If you live in Nashville, check out this fair, it will not disappoint.

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