Monday, November 9, 2009

weekend project: closet


I love our old house, but like many, the closets are tiny! My closet is no exception and regularly puts my organization skills to the test. This weekend I was determined to organize all of my great finds where I can see them, and therefore wear them. I ordered some lucite shelf dividers from here that now keep my purses standing straight. I also decided that instead of my usual color coding system, I would now hang all garments categorically and then separate by color. I know this sounds OCD, but it really does help you get dressed in the morning. I came to the conclusion that workout wear doesn't need to be folded so I took away a gigantic shelf system and replaced it with an oversize basket. Everything is still as tight as sardines, but hopefully won't be getting ready from a pile on the floor!

1 comment:

Polly R said...

Wow I wish I had an organised closet. I used to have a shelf/ hooks thing on my wall, but it fell down the other day and now all my dresses are strewn all over the floor! :( xx

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