Monday, December 7, 2009

DIY: the eddie ross wreath

My Wreath

Eddie's Wreath

Every since seeing this wreath by the brilliant Eddie Ross...I just had to have it! I spent all last year snagging ornaments at goodwill and at after season sales. I even scored a few vintage ones for less than a buck! I am in love with the final product and think it's one of the easiest projects with the most punch! I would like to offer a few tips.

1) When shaping your wire hanger, it's easier to do this while the hanger is still connected giving you more control to make it a perfect circle. Once you have your shape like you like it, then undo the hanger.

2) Make sure you have enough little ornaments. These are key in filling in dead air and making the wreath look full.

3) I wouldn't recommend hanging this wreath on a door that's gets a lot of use for fear of smashed ornaments.

Thanks to Eddie for such wonderful inspiration! Find his tutorial here.


Barchbo said...

It looks fabulous, Melodie! I love it!

elledee said...

love it!

Anonymous said...

Looks gorgeous!!!!


Anonymous said...


Love the wreath again!

Just posted a contest here:

Send Jaithan ( a pic, and we'll enter it!


pink cupcake vintage said...

Eddie I am totally going to enter! Thanks for the heads up and for your sweet comments!

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