Sunday, March 14, 2010

liberty loot

I wasn't the only one who rolled out of bed, forgetting to brush their teeth, just to score some super cute Liberty prints! The poor workers couldn't even get it on the fixtures fast enough! I was sad to say that most of the accessories were gone, but I did get a cute dress or two. Have you scored your Liberty loot?


Shelley said...

I scored a shirt, a nightie, and the most adorable bra ever. I was really bummed out with their selection of other items :( only because they were gone!


I didn't get a chance to go yet. I'm probably out of luck. Did you get anything?

pink cupcake vintage said...

I got too much at first and then narrowed it down to my favorites! I think my all time favorite is the umbrella! You should still go and see..I know our store got more stock today.

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