Monday, April 26, 2010

back with a recap

I'm back with a little recap of the happenings during my week away. Thanks again to all of my fabulous guest bloggers for such amazing posts!

1. My brother and his new wife are fantastic dancers!

2. No offense "Big D", but your traffic brings out the worst in me.

3. This place has the best beef fajitas...period.

4. This place does not, but nothing says "Welcome to Texas" like late night queso.

5. The coffee shop I worked at in college is still the best coffee I have ever tasted!

6. Our friend Matt has the coolest job ever!

7. We got to "porch swing" with a future movie star!

8. This man makes me laugh until I cry.

9. This tastes like candy but apparently is really good for you?

10. The best post-race meal happens here.

{bag via cath kidston}


Anonymous said...

How did the race go for you on Saturday? Was the weather cooperative?


pink cupcake vintage said...

Thanks so much for asking. The last 4 miles were in heavy downpour, but I made it! :)

My Interior Life said...

David Sedaris is the best!

Congratulations on finishing the marathon!

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