Monday, May 17, 2010

nashville: brunch at miel

Sunday we met our good friend Libby for brunch at Miel. I never thought anything could hold a candle to Marche', but Miel has proven me wrong. I had braised short ribs with scalloped potatoes, topped with poached eggs and bernaise sauce. My drink of choice was the house made lavender infused lemonade, which is the best lemonade I have had in years. The best part of the meal was our indulgence of Benton's bacon, cooked to perfection. One of the neat things about Miel is that most of their produce is grown on their own organic farm. They even provide organic farming internships! Looking at the regular menu, dinner seemed a bit pricey, but brunch made us feel as if we were walking out with a bargain. Miel is located in Sylvan Park behind Bobbie's Dairy Dip.

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