Tuesday, June 15, 2010

nashville: leiper's fork

Over the weekend I went with Mr. Matty on a scooter ride down the Natchez Trace. Along the way we stopped at one of our favorite towns, Leiper's Fork. It's our dream to someday win the lotto, pack up the camper, and take up residence there. You may have heard about Leiper's Fork because the Judd's live there as well as Michael McDonald. But don't let those names fool you! This laid back town oozes charm and transports you back to the days of Mayberry. When you visit, you can get your fill of yummy food from Puckett's, watch a movie at dusk, shop great antiques from Serenite', and you just never know who you may meet in the rocking chair next to you.


kayce hughes said...

Love the new blog.

pink cupcake vintage said...

thanks so much! I can't wait to see the office! :)

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