Thursday, May 19, 2011

guest blogger: brooke of brooke morgan photography

Most of you will remember Brooke as the amazing photographer that takes my photos for The Closet Shop posts! Well she is not only a gorgeous gal and photographer, she is also highly creative, intelligent, and always the person I want to talk with for hours about what I can't stop thinking about! She has been there when I've needed her most, and I'm still wowed by her continuous wisdom and insights! Be sure to watch the video. You will be fascinated. 

When Mel asked me to guest blog about what was inspiring me at the moment…I said hmmm…and then it struck like lightning. Quite simply: age. I am continually inspired/perplexed/intrigued by this concept that marries us to time, seasons us, shapes us (or reshapes us : ), wrinkles us, teaches us, grows us. We attempt to defy it with our trillion dollar anti-aging cosmetic industry, yet when asked to go back in time to the wandering 20’s, most I assume, would say no way jose! Having just turned 30 this winter, I am embracing my age. It feels good. It feels new. And though I struggle, like many aging women, with the pressure to dip my toe in the fountain of youth, I am inspired by seasoned women…women who have lived for a significant period of time and aren’t grumpy about it…which leads me to my latest online inspiration…

As a photographer, I am continuously influenced by the visual world around me…and I love that the internet has created a hub for artists to feed off of one another, learn and grow. My latest discovery is a fantastic one stop shop called While perusing just this week, I was completely inspired by this segment on fashionable older women, who are creative, vibrant, fashionistas…living their lives with movement, vitality, and joy. Aside from the visuals, these women inspire me because they defy the stereotype that only the young can explore with reckless abandon. Anyhow, thanks for checking it out! I hope you enjoy and are encouraged to embrace yourself, no matter where you fall on the timeline…After all, it's just a number! Oh and also check out their blog:

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kayce hughes said...

Love those women. I have a feeling that you are going to age very well.

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