Wednesday, March 24, 2010

recipe: cherry almond chocolate clusters

Over the weekend we had dinner with friends and I was to bring the dessert course. Instead of one dish I decided on bite size desserts including home-made sea salt caramels and cherry almond chocolate clusters (Mr. Matty affectionately named them "deer droppings"). The clusters taste very gourmet, were super easy, short on time, and use only 3 ingredients! Check out the full recipe here.


Brigitta Ryan {duo} said...

I'm a big fan of the 'small picks' style dessert. My last dinner party I served Scottish sweets - tablet, peppermint creams, shorbread - it worked really well.

It's good for those with and without sweet tooth's, as some can gorge, others pick!

pink cupcake vintage said...

Brigitta! I am totally intrigued! What is tablet? Also love the idea of peppermint creams. Will you share these recipes?

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