Friday, April 16, 2010

party perfect with vera

This post comes from the lovely and talented Sara Hicks Malone! I can always count on partyperfectblog for fabulous party inspiration as well as her amazing stationery to set the tone for a great party.

It's almost summer (according to my son's school schedule) and that has me thinking again of one thing: Vera Neumann! I'm guessing you vintage lovers already know who I'm speaking of, but for those who need debriefing, check out this link. Vera's iconic look is retro and fun, yet still feels very relevant and fresh today. Her bright, eclectic designs make me think of warm weather. I have a closet stashed with some treasured Vera linens that I bring out for occasional entertaining. Etsy and Ebay are a great place to locate her vintage wares, while Macy's and Anthropologie have currently reissued some of her designs.

Vera's handrawn logo is often accompanied by a ladybug, which is a symbol of good luck (and was a favorite by my beloved grandmother). Once you are 'aware' of Vera- you will start spotting her things everywhere!


Post Grad Hair Cut said...

Really love your blog!

pink cupcake vintage said...

thank you so much! I really love your profile pic! :)

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