Wednesday, December 1, 2010

tis the season

Where did November go? It's been pretty warm here in Nashville until today, so getting into the holiday spirit has been harder than usual. (How do you do it Los Angeles?) Something that does get me excited for the season and upcoming holiday parties, are the great but cheap cosmetic sets at Target. I love the ones by E.L.F., and load up every year on their great brushes for $1.00 a pop! I recently got this 100 eye shadow set for $10.00, which is a steal for such high pigment shadows that rival those from MAC! 


jamie said...

i saw a great deal on ELF stuff today but the makeup i've bought from there has smelled so bad and i haven't been very impressed with it. did i get a bad batch? is the quality ok??

unrelated note: we're taking our engagement photos dec 11, do you have any fun ideas for locations? :) i'm thinking maybe loveless or bobby's dairy dip for the 50s vibe.. anything else pop in your head? :)

A Serenade for Solitude said...

I almost picked up the stila set of say 50 shades at Costco today, but I refrained. Now, you got me thinking...:)

pink cupcake vintage said...

so weird about the ELF stuff. I think you may have gotten a bad batch? As far as locations, Bobby's will provide great photos! We used to shoot there all the time when I worked for Kayce Hughes. If you are up for the drive, downtown Watertown would be a great place for a throw back shoot.

pink cupcake vintage said...

ooo I love Stila! I knew I shouldn't have let our membership lapse.

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