Friday, January 25, 2013

meet me in st. louis

Last weekend Mr. Matty spoiled me with a weekend getaway to St. Louis. It was kind of perfect. Just a short drive from Nashville, we found plenty of things to do besides visit the Arch. Here is a list of our favorites while we were there.

Stay: {Moonrise Hotel}

This boutique hotel is located right in the heart of the trendy Delmar Loop. With all of it's space themed goodies, it's a fun place to lay your head. Be sure and check out the rooftop bar!

Play: {Pin-Up Bowl}
Conveniently located right next to Moonrise Hotel, this was the perfect place to hang out late at night! Of course I immediately fell head over heels for all of the pin up decor inside! 

Shop: {Vintage Vinyl}
This gem was also located within walking distance of our hotel! Boy did we do some damage. If you love vinyl, prepare to get lost in this treasure trove. With prices mostly around $4.99,  you can purchase til your heart's content. 

This store was worth the trip. PERIOD. Thanks in part to a recommendation by a cool girl at another store, we were here for hours. As I walked through the doors, I think I actually heard a chorus of angels singing. Selling only Mid Century vintage, this was a vintage lovers heaven. I will definitely be making a return trip to TFA, but next time with a U-haul.

Located in the heart of Antique Row on Cherokee Street, Retro 101 is the place to shop for vintage clothing! Here dresses are hung from the ceiling in place of chandeliers. I like my vintage a little less pricey, but loved combing the racks and seeing all of the beauty.

Eat: {Whisk Bakery}
If you have worked up an appetite with all of that vintage shopping, you are in luck because Whisk is just down on the corner. This bakery is the perfect place for coffee and a sweet bite. With it's sun drenched floors and smells of fresh baked goods, you will fall in love. They also serve vegan, gluten free, and dairy free goods that taste amazing. I'm still craving more of their GF banana chocolate chip bread. Yum.

This was also highly recommended by cool girl "Roz". Wow was she right! We had never had this style of food before, but I am still dreaming of the plantain chips, hard boiled egg guacamole, and rum and cokes. Delicious. A must eat. 

Such a fun afternoon pick me up! Nothing beats a frosty mug full of homemade root beer! 

Made famous by Man v. Food on the Travel Channel, this place boasts the best BBQ in St. Louis. It did not disappoint! I should have taken a photo of the crazy line of people ready to put their hands around some ribs. What we found out the hard way, is that when Pappy runs out of meat, the place shuts down (insert Fritanga adventure). We came back the next day and finally got a chance to taste what all the buzz is about.

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