Wednesday, April 14, 2010

aprons for adoption

For a long time, Matty and I have had a heart for adoption and knew it would be part of our story. This is why when anyone I know embarks on the same journey, my heart goes out to them. My sweet and talented friend Rebekka and her husband have recently announced they will be adopting from Ethiopia. In order to raise funds, Rebekka is going to personally sew 500 vintage inspired aprons to sell however she can. Knowing how daunting the idea of raising adoption money can seem, I wanted to spread the word. If you would like to purchase one of these adorable aprons, while supporting a great cause, check out her store here. To read more about their story, be sure to bookmark her blog here.


Tart Deco said...

So far she only has children's aprons listed. Do you know if she is going to list adult sizes too?

rebekka said...

Melodie, thank you so much for doing this post. I really appreciate the support. I can't believe all of this is actually happening now. I am overwhelmed with excitement.

Tart answer your question...YES! I will be listing adult sizes too, but probably not for another month or so.

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