Sunday, May 13, 2012

my (dear friend) rebekka

This past weekend I was overwhelmed by the company of friends I keep. I count it a blessing to be surrounded by such gobs of talent on a daily basis, in hopes a little rubs off on me. One of these friends is Rebekka. You many remember me talking about her here, here, or here. You may have also read about her gorgeous custom house portraits on Design Sponge. A few weeks ago, I mentioned wanting her to do a custom portrait of me and Matty that we could use as a thank you note. Because she is so ridiculously gracious, on top of all of her other work, she said yes! This little gem popped into my inbox over the weekend and once again I am in awe of my beautiful, gorgeously tall, and talented friend Rebekka. Isn't this the sweetest?


kayce hughes said...

Love it!
I want a cherry dress.

Rachel Rogers said...

I love Rebekka Sale!!

Erika said...

How amazing! I love all her work and wonderful blog :)

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